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United India Industries

Successfully established in the year 2008, United India Industries has the Latest Equipment using in both Dynamic Balancing Machine & Vibration Analysis Instruments. Design, Mfg & Repairing of all type of Shaft,Axial & Radial Fans,Rotary Blower & all Industry SS,MS,& FRP Fabrication Works.

We take into account the ever changing needs and demands of our clients and offer appropriate range of products. Being a quality centric organization, our quality controllers ensure to administer a series of quality tests on the entire range of products. With our client centric business approach, we are able to gain the trust and maintain the long term relationship of our international clients.


The state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities possessed by us, enables us to meet the ever rising demand for qualitative range of products. We have installed some of the latest and most sophisticated tools and machinery in our manufacturing department. These are capable of fabricating a wide range of product without any defect or flaw. With our capacious and huge warehousing and storage facility, we are able to store our wide range of products. The professional team of packing experts ensures to pack these products securely. Thus, we are able to gain a good reputation in the market segments.



  • Dynamic Balancing,Vibration Analysis & Field Balancing
  • Equipment Installation
  • Fabrication
  • Design, Mfg & Repairing of all type of Shaft,Axial & Radial Fans, Rotary Blower & all Industry SS,MS,& FRP Fabrication Works
  • Plant Maintenance


  • Motor Rewinding & Servicing

Dynamic Balancing

Causes of Unbalance

Material problems such as density, porosity, voids and blowholes can contribute to the unbalance condition. Fabrication problems such as misshapen castings, eccentric machining and poor assembly.

Distortional problems such as rotational stresses, aerodynamics and temperature changes Corrosion, Wear, Distortion.

Deposit build up dirt and deposits can break off unevenly, which can lead to severe unbalance, this especially applies to fans, blowers, compressors and other rotating equipment process variable.

Rotors that operate within 70%-75% of a critical speed are considered flexible rotors. Rotors that operate below that speed are considered rigid. Many times rotors are balanced at the factory for a rigid condition using a low speed balancing machine, but when the get put into service they become flexible rotors. These flexible rotors require a multi plane balancing procedure.

Correcting Unbalance

When unbalance has been identified, the correction is straight forward weight has to be added or removed from the rotating element. The goal is to reduce the uneven mass distribution so that centrifugal forces and vibrations induced in the supporting structures are at an acceptable level.

Why we balance in the field

Balancing is performed on the complete assembled machine and compensates for assembly tolerances. It is often costly and time consuming to disassemble and move the rotor to a balancing machine.

The effects of temperature, pressure, distortion and other environmental influences can be incorporated.

The vibration can be adjusted for resonance or natural frequencies vs. published balance tolerances used in a balancing machine. The unbalance may have to be adjusted to abnormally fine levels to minimize the resultant resonant structural vibration.

Benefits of well balanced machines

Minimize noise vibration

Unbalance is the major source of machine vibration and noise, Reduce structural stress, The forces produced by unbalance have to be absorbed the surrounding structure, Minimize operator fatigue and annoyance, Exposure to vibration affects operator efficiency, Increase machine life, The time between outages can be extended if the machine is running smoothly, Increase bearing life, Bearings bear the brunt of unbalance forces, Increase product quality, Minimizing vibration, especially on machine tools, produces better parts, Increase personnel safety, Dangers with machine failure are minimized, Lower operating costs, Energy consumption is reduced and increase machine availability.

Vibration Analysis & Field Balancing

Amc In  Vibration Consultancy Services 

It helps every company in reducing breakdowns of their machines & equipments  up to minimum level.All the Equipments remain healthy through our regular checkup by condition monitoring tool and gives the maximum functioning output from each equipment.We as a company are engaged in offering AMC Consultancy services to our clients. The services are planned and executed by a team of well qualified experts, who have gained years of experience in this respective domain of client servicing. These people follow the procedures and processes as per the detailing of the experts working with us. While offering these services we lay down emphasis on the pricing factor as well as the suggestions and specifications of the client.

Amc Consultancy Features

* Reduces wear & tear of machine parts

* Increase in Bearing Life

* Zero Percentage Maintenance

* Maintains zero breakdowns of  production machines

* Machines remains healthy

* Reduces loose connections due to vibration of control panels

* Executed in the guidance/supervision of experts



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